Adan C. Garcia II, aka "Flea", was born in Harlingen, Texas and lived in the small town of Los Fresnos, Texas, near the South Texas border. He is very proud of his Mexican heritage and proud to be raised in the Rio Grande Valley. He explains that he wouldn't change his childhood for ANYTHING, yet his sights were set on bigger and better, and he spared no time to move away after graduation in 1991. Over the years, Adan lived in many places including: Austin, Houston, Lubbock, Myrtle Beach, SC, and San Diego, CA. It was this constant bouncing around that earned him the nickname "Flea". Adan's interest have been varied as the sports and artists that Corrupt sponsors, but it was the love for MMA that was the original driving force behind the creation of Corrupt Fight Gear, now Corrupt Clothing. Corrupt Clothing was established in 2008 and at that time, Adan wanted to produce a diverse clothing company that would showcase the interests of each individual fighter entering the octagon as well as their fans. Corrupt has been honored to work with UFC's Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell, and UFC Heavyweight Champ Cain Velasquez, and Adan has made many friends throughout the MMA world such as Joe Rogan, John Huntington, Tait Fletcher, Matt Hughes, GSP, Paul Buentello, King "Mo" Lawal, Rich Franklin, Forrest Griffin and many more.

Over the years Adan's vision for Corrupt Clothing expanded outside the octagon, and now encompasses not only MMA fighters and fans, but all walks of athletes and artists from skateboarders, BMX, professional boxers and football players, to DJs and musicians with the passion to succeed. Many talented artists; Rob Churchill, Sergio "Checs" Garcia, Chris Vile and Mark Jacobs have lent their unique expressions in Corrupt's designs. Corrupt proudly stands behind NABO boxing champion Brian "The Warrior" Vera, toured with John Perdue "DJ Silver", John Huntington from Huntington Ink, ex-NFL player Cedric Benson "DJ World Peace", and has made a single Corrupt track with Vallejo Music Group called "I AM CORRUPT".

Don't let the name fool you though. Adan may have a love for all things big, bold and badass, but it is his huge heart and small town roots, that make his community a huge priority. Corrupt prides itself in being involved with many charities and fundraisers such as John Paul Dejoria and Gary Spellman's Peace * Love * Happiness (PLH) charity bike ride for fallen police officers and neglected children. In addition Corrupt has created its 1st annual Corrupt Clothing charity golf tournament benefiting Maggie's Hope for autistic children.

Today Adan calls Austin, Texas his home and plans to stay here for good. Adan has two beautiful daughters Belize and MaKenna and a supporting fiancé, best friend, Kelli Gardner. He strives to carry on the values and unconditional love his parents imparted to him from his grandparents. He has learned that while Corrupt is a great achievement, it is material stuff that can be replaced, and God and family come first, and are much more important. Outside the office, Adan enjoys playing golf, spending quality time with his kids and family, bbq-ing, watching sports, walks on the beach and being the best father he can be to his daughters.

Corrupt Clothing is on the rise in 11 states and spreading its wings over international waters and can now be found popping up in China, Thailand, and Mexico, just to name a few. Corrupt has seen a huge growth in the past 5 years, but it's the next 5 years that will be really exciting. Make sure to look for us on the big screen, StrikeForce, The Ultimate Fighter, Motocross, and storefronts near you! Corrupt Clothing strives to promote our athletes and artists, and offer the hottest, edgiest apparel for the masses. Help support our endeavors by joining the team or sporting our threads!

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